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PlanSocial is quick and easy to use and people can see immediately what they are signing up for, and who with! The email reminders are fantastic too. We have a steady stream of new parents signing up.

PTA President

BHI School

No more handling bits of paper, or writing all the details out. We can’t imagine not having it now!

PTA President

Decoy PTA

Very easy to use. Even the most computer illiterate person should be able to figure it out.


FJS School

Now I can volunteer while at home with my diary and a cup of tea, rather than during the mad panic of pick-up and drop-off.


FIS School

Makes it easy to see everything at a glance at any time, so you don’t miss anything — and makes it much easier to get involved.

Working Parent

Beaumont School

PlanSocial is not only a great way for volunteers to easily sign up to help, it’s also a great aide to organizers. The specific task breakdown for events helps you easily plan and keep track.

PTA President

FI School

 It’s what we’ve been waiting for! No more paper, no more guilt, and more help for the school. What’s not to love?!


GFJ School


No credit card required. Free for 100 members.

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